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In the beginning

June 15, 2009

This post marks the start of something of new – sorta. This blog will chronicle (at least) two things. First and foremost, I plan to write about the process of completing my dissertation. I am at the very beginning of this rather daunting project. Tomorrow I meet with five faculty members to “defend” what I want to study. I don’t know how much I will write about the actual topic or the contents of the dissertation. In addition to writing about writing a dissertation, I will write about my primary “hobby” (for lack of a better word): cooking. Cooking might be a bit of misnomer – better words might be “eating” or “baking” – but “cooking” made a more clever title. I’m hoping that writing about my cooking exploits forces me to eat at home more often.

This isn’t my first attempt at blogging. I had a very short-lived blog (I think at before starting one on For a time, well before Facebook consumed most of my online time, Livejournal was my favorite website. I actively blogged there from 2004 to 2006. But beginning January of 2006 I picked up a boyfriend and that August started graduate school, and that blog reflected a different life (a skinnier, more social, and far more gay life). While I still read my friends’ blogs on Livejournal, I’ve only updated eight times in the last two years (out of a total of 426 entries).

I’m not great with introductions. If you know me and end up reading this blog, then an introduction is unnecessary. If you don’t know me, then I’ll inevitably and eventually reveal all you need. To start I’ll say I’m a twenty-nine year old gay white guy living in a pretty white state (Iowa) with a boyfriend of three years who is a lot more fun than me. I grew up in Kansas and lived in Ohio for two years and then Oregon for three before moving here. The best thing about living in Iowa is that I get to see my mom more often. (What? I said I was gay.)

So, as I hope I’ve conveyed, now seems like a good time to start a new blog. I hope I stick with it better than my diets.

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