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Tres Leche Cake

October 8, 2009


Whoa, whoa, whoa! I got approved for the Foodie BlogRoll yesterday, and my blog stats spiked yesterday and this morning. I realize this is just because I am featured on the widget right now (and not for much longer, I’m sure), but it was still nice to know that almost one hundred people had viewed my blog today, as opposed to the normal one or two. So while people are actually reading, I decided to take a break from desperately trying to finish a fellowship application and post an entry.

For the same dinner that I made the Iowa Chicken Pie, I also baked, soaked, and covered a tres leche cake. My first exposure to this cake was relatively recently at a party. But that cake was made from a box and frosted from a can. Now I don’t necessarily have anything against boxed cakes and canned frostings (ok, so I probably do…), but I consider baking to be relaxing and challenging (a relaxing challenge?) not a chore, so I almost always bake from scratch. So when I read The Pioneer Woman’s post about her tres leche cake,  I soon headed to the kitchen. Read more…


Iowa Chicken Pie

October 5, 2009
The finished product.

The finished product.

I invited some friends over for some home cooked, Midwestern comfort food. This dish was basically deboned chicken baked in thickened chicken stock with biscuits on top (clearly). I found this recipe in a collection of Saveur magazines that a friend gave me. (I just love the pictures on the web site.) I think I have better comfort food chicken dishes in my repertoire than this turned out, but it was fun to cook. Read more…

Best Sheet Cake, Part II

October 1, 2009
In case you forgot the inspiration

In case you forgot the inspiration

My last post started with a similar picture of these raspberries, but they failed to reappear. Here they will show up again. Read more…

Best Sheet Cake, Part I

September 30, 2009

The ingredients, almost.

The inspiration  The inspiration.
 On the day that I made the tomato soup, I made my first visit to an Amish grocery store about 15 minutes from my house. It was a very cool experience, but I was limited in what I could purchase because they only took cash (and I’m attached to my debit card) and I only had twenty bucks. I devoted four of those dollars to this quart of raspberries. (I hate to complain about the farmers market prices, but they had a pint of raspberries for four dollars that morning.) Now I could have just enjoyed these beautiful berries on their own, but that would be too healthy. They were going to become the feature ingredient of a cake. Read more…

Wonderful Tomato Soup

September 28, 2009

The ingredients

The ingredients

Sorry (to anyone actually reading) that I haven’t updated in a week. I had a conference paper due today which has sucked up most of my time this past week. But before all my time was devoted to writing, I made this tomato soup.  I learned of this soup one day at the gym while watching FoodTV on the elliptical. Some people may think it is oxymoronic to exercise to cooking shows, but the highlight of my week is heading to the gym on Saturday morning and watching Julia Child. Of course Julia Child makes everything better. Read more…

Lattice-Top Peach Pie

September 14, 2009

I visited my parents over Labor Day. One of the perks that made the six-hour car drive worthwhile was baking with my mom. Although I am pretty good with cakes, pies are a different matter. It is always better if I make those with my mom. But sometimes I have ideas that my mom isn’t keen on – like making a lattice-top for the pie.

On my way back from a dissertation research trip to Michigan in August, I stopped at an amazing fruit stand. Among other steals, I picked up a basket of peaches. I had made a peach pie for my dad once before and planned on doing the same with (most of) these. But since I wouldn’t see him for almost a month, I blanched the peaches, and then peeled and sliced them. Then I tossed them into the freezer.

A bowl of Michigan peaches - blanched, peeled, sliced, frozen, and defrosted.

A bowl of Michigan peaches - blanched, peeled, sliced, frozen, and defrosted.

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Baklava for Comps

September 10, 2009


Ingredients for Baklava

Tomorrow at 8:00 am a friend and colleague picks up his comprehensive exams. For the next week he will work on answering four questions, each in ten pages. He will need to successfully answer each of these questions to begin working on his dissertation. He’ll do great, but I decided to make him something that might make a rough week taste a little sweeter. He is a big fan of baklava, and I happened to recently come across a baklava recipe in a past issue of Saveur.

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